Auto uv material without deformations

Hi, i like to make a material for my meshes (no BSP) with auto uv for stretch the textures when you scale the models, and need to be in all directions/axis.

  • I’m tested to use the world location - the object location and then apply to uv (this work but at rotate the model this give blend effects + apply the material using the reference when you place that mesh in the world)
  • I got here other methods but no one works:

In the forums i see solutions but for one face or to use the world space and this need work like the BSP material but in a mesh, only change the size when you scale the model + need to have the same sizes & uv when rotate the mesh (like a normal uv model).

*Need to use the model faces dir no the world space directions, because with world space the material change when you roll or turn.
And with stretch based in the individual faces sizes.

Help please, thanks.

Bump, help please…

Why why no one help meeee, i need this for some things.

If I understand your question, you may want to ask Luos or check out his cave pack as it seems to do what you are asking for.

Is there a reason you can’t use the WorldCoordinate3Way?

The idea in one line: You got a normal cube with UV in all faces the same texture created in your 3D editor, in the engine you rotate the cube an move the cube and the UV is the same no ? well now need support scale with tile of all faces by individual faces.