Auto-rigged Fuse (Mixamo) Character > UE4 Issues

I am sending my character to Mixamo, more than one character at this point. Both times the models work perfectly fine loaded into Blender. However when I import the T-pose .FBX with all the proper import settings (followed exactly what Mixamo has shown for import settings) I get awkward flickering in certain places on the model. (The flickering happens even when viewing from a stand still, switching between transparent and the appropriate texture.)

On top of this, the first model (again only in UE4) had a large artifact from the character’s shirt shooting up above the character (long thin triangle). Importing into Blender has shown NO signs of these issues.

In addition to this, attempting to use the alpha of the included diffuse textures causes incorrect transparency, which may seem to work with the hair but when used with the body (for eye lashes) it makes my character’s mouth turn invisible).

I managed to capture some of the flickering in a screenshot here:

If it’s important: UE 4.5.1 / Fuse 1.3.0

You may find some info on those issues in this thread:

Yeah looks like I just have to wait for Mixamo’s UE4 specific exporting to get what I want. Fine by me, I got Fuse on steam for cheap on a big sale. Not yet doing one of their plans.

Hi Silverbot yep some of those flicker issues are due to the way the mesh+clothes are put together, i’ve found that if you tick the box option on export “remove occluded triangle” this will fix the problem, though with those clothes i’m not 100% sure
i’ve also had the “holes” in the mesh but atm not sure why