Auto Multiplayer Code Utility

I’m currently in development of a tool that automatically adjusts code for multiplayer. I have a working prototype with the bare features implemented. If there’s any interest in releasing this tool on the marketplace please let me know.


-Easily Configure game project for Multiplayer with steam
-Common C++ templates that can be used in any game type, accessible from right click menu (Spawn weapon, Get all players, Set score…etc)
-Includes automatic sorting and formatting to variables by name and category
-Improve on the custom functions accessible in the right click menu by saving a text file into the functionLibrary folder
-Visualize replication issues with a network graph that shows if and where functions and variables are accessible by others
New features and improvements on the way

That sounds amazing. Would definitely be interested.

Thank you!

It’s very interesting indeed.

Only problem is, no C++ in the marketplace :frowning:

But for sure you should set up a gumroad or sellfy page.

Thank you for the ideas, I haven’t heard of sellfy I’ll try that out for sure. It’s a bummer that there’s no c++ code allowed in the marketplace.

oh yea diff looking into getting this. Your steam Utility seemed great, i’m currently trying to get it to work now, but having issues. Might be doing something wrong in the steps. But yea if this is basically V2 of that, diff put it out there! but not to much now or it wont sell! Like, 30$ max, since most ppl got 30$ in their market, they can use that! If you can start to sell it before it goes onto the market place, let me know!

It is in the pipeline. Contact EPIC, they are looking for plugin developers.

Looks great and I would be very interested in making use of the Steam integration feature :smiley: