Auto LOD, simplygon and windows 7?

I really hope I’m wrong here, but if I understand correctly in order to use the auto LOD, you need to have a license for Simplygon. However, it seems they refuse to support Win 7 (unless you buy a $25K multi-seat license) which is a load of BS. (The cynic in me thinks this is a result of them being bought by M$ and M$ using another sleaze tactic to force people onto Win 10. :P)

No, Epic have implemented their own type of autoLOD system

Ah, I found out something. It seems you need Simplygon to do LOD for skeletal meshes. UE4 can do static meshes on its own.

Why are you still on windows 7? It’s outdated.

Because spyware, forced updates, unwanted communication to the mother ship. Win 7 meets all my needs, has a familiar GUI, and is very stable. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yaya its unreal madrid here, not manchester unity. Epic Kick

Yes, for skeletal meshes you need to download and have a free license of Simplygon. I just did this a few days back. For static meshes UE4 has its own built in system.