Auto-Focusing Camera OOT

Hi there! I’m creating an N64-inspired game and I want to know how I would be able to achieve this same sort of effect as shown in the video here. [Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 4 Camera - YouTube](https://OOT U4 Camera)

I want the camera to be able to automatically focus behind the player once movement has stopped. I (to some extent) managed to nail down the transition.

My problem is not knowing how to tell the Blueprint that the player is in a specific position in order for the camera to rotate. I’ve set up an Auto-Adjusting camera similar to the DS/N64 Zelda games, as well as a reset button that allows me to reset the angle of my camera behind the player. Basically, I want to do exactly that but have it be done automatically once movement has stopped.

Here’s what I made in in BP for my Auto-Camera so far. Any help is appreciated, thanks!