Auto-Focusing Bokeh Depth of Field?

There was a really cool post processing shader that someone created for UDK that allowed for auto-focusing Bokeh Deth of field

Has anyone been able to create this for UE4 yet?

If so i would love to get a link to teh shader

Someone had made an auto-focusing camera with coding during beta, but i dont remember who it was. It is possible with Blueprints as well though.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread here, though has anyone figured this out?

I’ve gone through the support documentation on DOF and it doesn’t look possible without creating a blueprint for it. I’m not too skilled with blueprints yet (or code for that matter) but I can imagine if a line can be drawn from what the camera is pointed at this can be used to update the focus distance? Again, I have no idea what I’m doing but if someone has worked this out it would be great to know how it’s done.

Was that Mougli?