Auto-averaging spaced placement with a spline

I’m trying to make a spline blueprint that will take 2 planes, one at the beginning spline point and one at the end, and correctly add a spline point based on a number set by an integer variable and place it right in between the existing points, similar to scrolling the mouse wheel when adding an edge loop in blender. I’d also like to be able to scale up the meshes that are placed from beginning to end, the scale of which would be controlled by scaling the plane mesh at the end spline point. I understand how to manually add spline points by right clicking on an existing instance, but I really want to be able to place the spline blueprint, dictate the overall length by dragging out the end point, and then increasing the integer variable and having points (and subsequently spline meshes) placed with the proper spacing and scaling automatically through the construction script. I’m not quite sure how to go about this.