Authoritative Ragdoll Replication Progress and Feedback

Ok so perusing the “impossible” / “difficult” here and trying to replicate ragdolls.

Here is what I have so far with method 1 of 2 using a poseable mesh. I’ve had to to reduce the bones I replicate from the full 65 to 18 for bandwidth reasons and this leads to artifacts with the poseable mesh which should be apparent in the video.

For clarity, method 1 has clients doing no physics (as one cannot using a poseable mesh) but method 2 would uses client side physics to help things look smooth and apply force to try and move the bones where they should be.

Method 2 doesn’t seem to work well yet and I haven’t figured out why my applying forces isn’t really moving the bones well even if set the ignore mass to true. So I’m leaning towards method 1 here.

Ideally I would like to have the kind of bone control I have with a poseable mesh on a skeletal mesh and maintain physics but IDK if that is allowed? I know the AnimBP for a SKMesh has Modify Bones but I guess I have to make 18 of those for each main bone? Something I’ll have to look into.

The question is with method 1 as shown, what can I do to fix those artifacts if anything to get the remaining bones to follow the replicated main ones? I think it looks pretty good aside from those artifacts and I can tweak some thing to make it look better. Maybe something with IK and a poseable mesh could help?