Authoring Height Map for Landscape - Sizes / Res?

Hey All,

Something that i don’t quite understand at the moment - How do you create a 1 to 1 scale replication of a terrain from other software (in my case Houdini) to UE?

I somewhat understand the concepts on this page:

But i’m a bit lost as to how this relates to Meters in space?

  • Do the res mentioned mean the dimensions of the heightfield or pixels of the height map?
  • Say i’m aiming for something around 100x100m with good detail - would that need to be 127x127m? What would the height map res have to be? to match?
  • Alternatively creating a landscape around 10,000m - is there a way to work out the right dimension and res?

Would also be good to know if landscapes even the best option anyway in some situations, can imagine just geo tilles or something can maybe be better in certain cases?

Many Thanks,