AUDIO: What's the status on 3rd party VR plugins?

Hello all,

I have been researching all possible options for 3D audio plugins and my conclusion is underwhelming to say the least.
The current implementation of the Oculus plugin is incomplete, lacking the early reflection and reverb modules offered in the Oculus Audio SDK. Hopefully coming later this year with the rewrite of the audio engine. Crossing all my fingers!!!

As far as 3rd party plug-ins go, I could only find a couple of developers that already support Unreal native: Looks promising but price for the full package with reverb and geometry based occlusion is quite high. The website doesn’t look particularly updated and their forum is empty.

Can anybody comment on those? Am I missing other options?
Btw I am not counting middleware solutions here, just native Unreal stuff.
What are your experiences and thoughts on this important matter?

Thanks very much!