Audio Troubles

Hello, I have some questions about audio attenuation and how to get it to work in some instances. My main problem is that (in my project) I have a house with a living room and a kitchen. there’s a will with a door between the two rooms. On the wall on the living room side is a TV. I am trying to give the TV a static sound to give some life to the house, with some attenuation. However the TV is flat screen, so when I apply the attenuation, it goes right through the room into the kitchen. My first thought was to make a blueprint triggering it to fade out, but the sound doesn’t come back on when you go back in the room. It fades out for the rest of the time once you step on the trigger. I’m not very good at blueprints so that’s as far as I got. I want to make it seem like there’s a loud tv in the living and either no or muffled sound in the kitchen. What are some ways to do this? Not just for this problem but for other problems in general, like walking through rain and then getting inside the house and the rain becomes muffled. Also how to change hardwood footsteps to muffled carpet steps within the same room.

Thank You Very Much!