Audio Project - Particle Effects Demo - URGENT!!

HELP! Im currently working on an assignment for my music composition course in which I have to score a video game. Im working from the Particle Effects Cave Demo from the Learn tab in unreal engine 4 and I’m putting together a walking simulator. I’m looking for someone to help me input a character to the game as currently it is just a floating camera and I have no idea how to change this.** Can anyone help?** The design part isn’t my strong point and I’m willing write some music or give a small fee to anyone who can take my project and add a first person character to it.

My email is if anyone is able to help.

did you google this at all?
there are like 100 billion tutorials on how to add and setup characters in ue4, there are even ones included in the content packs
the arch viz character would work well for your walking sim

Hi there, I have google this all week however somehow in the demo project I am working from, The cave demo, I can’t get this to work. Would you be able to help? Im only really a composer so I struggle with the programming.