Attempting to create a universal rig/animation system, Need Anim Dev help

I’m creating a system, hopefully for plugin, for using animations universally with modifiers.
The “High Level Overview” is that given SkelA and SkelB, a dev can map each to a universal rig.

  • SkelB will be able to use an animation from SkelA by reverse engineering SkelA’s univeral mapping, and getting the transform of the relevant bone effector.
  • This transform will be sent to the relevant bone effector in SkelB, which will then use IK to solve for the rest of the bone chain in SkelB.
  • Every transform will be sent as an FCompactPose& OutPose, so it will work with any existing systems(IE: AnimMontages, Blends, etc.)

I can get into the lower level details that I have so far.
The reason for this posting is that currently I’d only be able to map every bone in SkelB to SkelA each frame.
What I’m hoping to do is that when an animationsequence is added to ( a montage, blend, animgraph, etc) in editor, it will map the incoming and preview skeleton to the animation’s skeleton.
So far the only place I think this may be possible from is AnimInstanceProxy, as it seems to be called from all things animation?
Hoping to have an ongoing discussion with an Epic Dev if possible, so I can gain a better understanding of how animation runs through the system