Attack animation problems third person character

I’ve started by attaching my attack animation from the characters blueprints.
I started by making a new input in my project settings called “attack” and setting the keybind to Left Mouse Button.
After that I created (What we can see in the picture) an animation to play when Left Mouse Button is pressed, using things like delays and stop movements which is what works in my game.

my question is, my character (after the attack animation is done playing) will SNAP back to his original Idle position. Its not smooth what so ever.

the animation im using is from the animation pack on the marketplace called “WARRIOR SWORD ANIMSET”.
I retargetted the animation to work with the model I have (Not the mannequin).

What am i doing wrong that is causing a snap when 1. the animation starts playing and 2. when the animation finishes, it will snap back to the original idle position (which also is from another animation not related to “WARRIOR SWORD ANIMSET”