Attack Animation Optimization

I apologize in advanced if this topic has already been covered, I am not entirely sure what to search other than “Attack Animation” which did not produce the desired results.

Clarifications: using 2d Sprites with Blueprints

I would like input on what the most optimum method to execute a delayed-melee-attack-animation(reel back, then swing). To my knowledge the best way to set this up is to:

  1. create to separate flip books, one for the reel back, then one for the swing
  2. create an event pressed to initiate the attack, starting with the reel back animation
  3. using an event onAnimationFinished (from what I understand, timers and delays are inefficient methods) on the reel animation to Then trigger an event to detect collision and play the swing animation

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced.

From what I understand, the reason that timers and delays are unreliable is because they’re inaccurate during drops in frame rate. An this be resolved by using delta time?