AttachToActor Not Working

Starting with the 3rd person blueprint, I have changed the mesh to a poseable mesh and have successfully added logic to move the character around and to move its arm with the mouse. I have added a trace from the hand. When the trace hits a block I added to the scene, the logic shown below is executed. I want the block to be connected to the hand socket I added to the mesh so that the block will be carried along as the character subsequently moves. However, when the hit is made, the block jumps a ways off to the side in the scene and does not move as the character moves. What am I missing??

All the posts and information i can find is old and seems to be out of date. I deleted the cube and added a new one so that all the cube settings are the defaults. I created the cube blueprint and the cube just remains where it was set and does not move with the character. Help please…

OK. So I gave up on this and switched to using a physics handle, which is working. I guess that is the best way anyway.

I had a similar trouble with “AttachToActor” node.
Instead of that, using “AttachToComponent” node solved the problem for me.