Attaching weapons to character

I’m sure there must be a post related to this, but I’m looking for some help with attaching a Mixamo weapon to a Mixamo Anim character. I’m wanting to do this using code.
So far, I haven’t encountered a step by step approach to doing this. I’m just wondering whether someone has a simple method of doing this.

Create a socket on the character’s skeleton, attach the weapon mesh to that socket. It inherits the socket’s transform, so you can in editor change the relative transform of the socket and add the weapon as a preview mesh to make it fit well.

WeaponMesh->AttachTo(Mesh, “SocketName”);


here is some documentation about Sockets and attaching Weapons.

The Blueprint Nodes at the bottom also have a C++ equivalent version. I don’t remember the actual
code, but you will be able to find it with a bit of google i guess (: