attaching unique object to hand

Hello, I have a product that I purchased that has boxes that shoot out balls, and if the ball hits an actor it shows an impact at the location where the actor got hit. I want to add this to my player so that if I play a punch animation and hit an enemy, I can have that same reaction on the enemy. The enemy right now is just the default 3rd person character like my player. However, I’m having a lot of problems getting into my 3rd person character blueprint. I have tried different types of sockets and its just now allowing me to have my character carry the projectile. I’ve tried to attach it in the construction part of the blueprint along with it being in a socket of the hand bone. I’ve tried both sockets and mesh sockets. I’ve tried making it a child of my character in a hierarchy. It still is not working. Can anyone give me some advice on what I may be doing wrong. Thank you ahead of time.