Attaching particle effects to a vehicle

Hi guys,

I’m attempting to attach particle effects to the vehicle template level that comes with unreal. Though I’m not having the best of luck so far. I’ve checked through the docs and there doesn’t seems to be anything specific for this. I’m new to blueprints so is there any tutorials or user guides to help get me up to speed with unreal in this particular respect.

Not sure what you are trying to do. But if you just wanna attach particle effect to the car of the vehicle template open the Sedan blueprint hit “Add Component”, choose “ParticleSystem”, select it and choose a ParticleSystem. Afterwards move it around in the viewport. Like this:


Thanks for the response. I’m actually trying to setup specific effects for specific states on the vehicle. So when it scrapes along
a wall I’m attempting to create like a scrape effect, sparks, dust, car shrapnel etc.

Then when the car drifts I wanted to setup another specific effect to trigger kick up effects. The aim is just to create a platform where I can showcase context sensitive work for my portfolio rather than just standalone effects. I would very much like to show them working on a live test case.

This spawns effects attached to the wheels with autodestroy on. In this example you could choose between different effects via “ChooseEffect” int. You could extend this to respond to physical materials or to some events. Should work for dust. If you would spawn some other effects somewhere else then just create further sockets on the skeleton mesh. However in that case you have to choose the bone names (that could be used as socket name as well) of the forloop manually. Currently there are just 6 bones in the car (and the last 4 are wheels so > 1). I think there is no blueprint node like GetVehicleMovement()->WheelsSetup[WheelIndex].BoneName like in C++. You could add all this after the EvenTick (or if you just wanna spawn if you move after the SetThrottleInput node).