Attaching Client View to Host's Camera?

I have a simple setup of a Host and Client map. The Host launches to control a Pawn already set in the world. The client connects, but he controls his own Character. I want the client to have zero control and only has a view from the Host’s Pawn’s Camera. As if he is spectating from the first person view of the host.

Any suggestions?

Yes it’s quite easy, on the client player controller you add a “Set View Target With Blend” node. Leave target as self, and on the New View Target drag the host player controller.
If there are only 2 characters (host and client) you can use a Get Player Controller with index 1 on the client to get the host controller.

You can add the Set View Target node on a different blueprint too, but then you need to Get Player Controller 0 to use for the Target input since self won’t work.