Attaching bloody weapon doesn't work!!!

I am stuck like almost a whole day with kinda simple problem:How to attach a weapon to a character mesh socket via BluePrints.So first I followed

this tutorial :

and this one

to learn how to do it.The first one is not that useful as he just replaces the already embedded weapon with the custom mesh.

The second one I tried but it doesn’t work at all.Also it is hard to understand how he sets up Character mesh and weapon mesh variables.Also I don’t understand why he works with Static Mesh for weapon while it should be Skinned mesh because the the weapon has a marker bone for hand grasp location.

The closest I have figured out my self was this:


But the result is screwed: the weapon is not really gets attached to the bone socket but rather to the whole body,or its transformation is relative to world space and not the bone.It just doesn’t move along with the hand bone.Definitely I am doing something wrong.I tried pretty any other tutorial or example but most of them look outdated to the latest version of Unreal.So nothing really worked.Anyone can shed a light how to attach the weapon mesh correctly to the bone socket in BluePrints?


I believe where you are going wrong is that you are attaching the mesh into the target of the ‘attach to’ node rather than to the parent.

In attach to node where you can pick attach type, pick snap to target. On the skeleton of your character find the socket that will hold your weapon, rightclick and add preview item(mesh of your weapon). Adjust position to how you want it to be.


I tried all the attached options ,the weapon is stuck somewhere in the middle of the body.When in preview mode,it sits in the socket perfectly.

Has this issue been resolved? I’m experiencing a similar issue in which I use BP VinterpTo Function to move an armor static mesh to a specific bone skeletal mesh (in motion) for attachment. Unfortunately, the armor mesh doesn’t reach the target bone. It appears to be a component world space / relative coordinance issue:(

I’m really new to this as well but I would suggest linking in your cast to, currently its not being executed. Also for Attach Type I think there’s one called snap to? I can’t remember, but use that.