Attaching Actors both ways

How do I attach two actors and make them stick together, no matter which part I pick up in VR?

I’m using the “Attach to Actor” node in BP, with “Weld simulated bodies=true”

  1. When I attach one actor to another, one actor becomes the parent
  2. When I pick up the parent actor, the child actor moves with it, as it should
  3. When I pick up the child actor, the parent actor stays where it is

How do I make them both behave as the ‘parent’ ?, i.e. I want to move both actors as if they are welded together, no matter if I pick up the parent or the child!

Thanks to anyone that can help :slight_smile:

A quick fix may be this…

Create a new blueprint actor.

Inside this new BP, add the 2 actors you want to stick together - as components of the new BP - and arrange where you want them in the viewport of the BP.

Now when you drag the BP around, both actors should stay where they are in relation to each other

Hope this helps !

Thanks for the input!

But no, this won’t work: I don’t know in advance which actors are involved.