Attaching Actor to another Actor snapping back

Hello, i’ve been trying to get an actor to attach to another actor to create a sort of grid movement.

Whenever i move an AI_character from my TopDownGame into one of my preset TriggerBoxes in the scene, it send a message to that AI_character which then casts to my FPS player and executes a movement function.
It moves to the given position for a split second and then it returns back to his original position.

From my prints the only position the FPS character is getting is the position of the trigger box, I can’t seem to find out what is triggering his snapback to the old position.

Could someone help me out on this?

**Blueprints I am using: **

Cast Spawn To Myplayercontroller

Execute custom event that places an AI in the server and after a delay send FPSpawn reference to the AIpawn so he can initiate the movement.

Spawn The AI To Server and set the spawned AI variable so I can use it for the previous cast.

Then when everything is spawned an initialized i check per trigger area if he has an overlapping actor and check if it’s equal to the actors class that I need then execute the movement function on and send the area to move to.

This is the code i execute on the AI_Pawn

On Both instances the character moves into position and then snaps back to the spawn position.

Did you ever figure out a solution for your problem. I’m currently in the same predicament…?