Attachactortoactor get parent

Using blutility Im spawning a til(actor) on my custom grid bp and using AttachActorToActor attaching it to this bp. What I need is to get the parent BP(a reference to my grid) from iside constructionscript of my tileactor. Ive tryed to do this using getparent but it returns nothing - how should I do this?

Here is a screenshot on how I attach an actor:

To make it more clear I nned to access the parentactor(TrgetNode) from my BaseTile ConstructionScript. Thank you!

In your spawn actor, just set “owner” to this BP, and getparent will return this BP …

If I am setting an “owner” then I should always use script for spawning a tile but I want to have an ability to drag and attach it via editor too… Is there no other way to get the parent element?

the only way I know to get an other BP is with an owner or an instigator.

But it’s not really a problem not ? you just have to create a custom event and call it everytime you want to spawn something