Attach VR Camera to full body character

Hi all,

In my last VR project I succesfully created a setup where the camera is attached to the head joint socket and, using a PawnBP ( also, in the AnimBP I zero out the rotation from the head joint, so that the orientation is given by the GearVR itself ), I drag&drop the PawnBP itself into the scene, since the character movement is controller directly by realtime mocap ( using the Perception Neuron plugin developed by Smartisan ), so basically as soon as the Pawn is dropped into the scene, in the details panel under Auto Possess Player, I set Player0.

I use this method because is very quick to prototype, and that worked perfectly with my project using the GearVR+mocap suit, since I was also able to manually adjust the camera position manually until I found the perfect position according to what you see in VR.

Right now I’m using the DK2 to do basically the same thing and I’m also testing the same setup I already have, but I found some odd things:

  • As soon as I put on the DK2 the camera is oddly shifted on the right, and if I try to move the camera ( in the PawnBP ) to adjust its position and test it again, the camera position is the same as before, meaning that adjusting the position in the PawnBP doesn’t work.

Is there a proper tutorial on how to setup the DK2/CV1 camera in order to have it attached to the character, but which can also be adjusted since I want the VR camera itself to have its position driven by the mocap suit ( that’s why it’s attached to the head joint socket ) and the rotation will be given by the DK2 itself.

Hope it’s clear what I’m trying to do, which is basically walking in VR using the DK2 rather then the GearVR.

Hi Enter Reality.

I’m trying to do the same thing that you mentioned above and seeing same results. Did you mange to fix this issue?


Solved completely :wink:

Use a scene component and attach the camera to it, and manage the position from there.

Below you’ll see the entire swtup in action, using the DK2.

Great, your demo looks awesome! I will look into that. I might ask more questions, I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: