Attach Target Beam Particle with a Component instead of a Actor

Hello folks,

I’m building a little project to learn UE4 and I’m actually using a lot of beams particles because… it’s awesome. I’m using 99% c++ code, and only use BP for small and quick solutions. But there’s a issue that I kind of found a way to resolve, but I feel it’s not the right one.
Sometimes I have to attach some beams at movable components. Making it clear, I have an actor, a particle system component and two static mesh components, and I want to attach my Source and Target at both static mesh (via code, by the way). Pretty simple, but the module only accept Actors, not Components.
I managed to get around it spawning actors attach to this same components and using this actor as reference for my Beam’s Target and Source.
I know there’s distribution vector parameter in Beams modules, but I didn’t find how to access this in code and even if this works like a attachable behaviour.

So that’s it. If anyone fix this, please, let me know. I already search about it in internet and found nothing. Thank you