Attach camera to Character's Head

Hi all,

I’m doing a bit of RnD with the GearVR and the S7 Edge and I was wondering what is the best method to attach the camera on a character’s head.

The main purpose is to enhance immersion by giving the player a “virtual body”, and also be able to see your character moving while walking or running ( using a gamepad, so that when the walking is triggered also the loop walk animation is triggered )

I know how to setup the movement system triggers, but I was wondering which is the best solution to attach the camera to the player head ( considering that the head will have an invisible material ).
Should I constraint the position of the camera to the character head joint and leave the rotation unlocked ( so that the GearVR will take care of it ) or should I just place manually the position inside the character BP like shown here

Advices are welcome :slight_smile:

Actually it would not make experience more immersive, since your physical body will be standing or sitting still, and virtual body will be animated (and if it’s going to be sitting too, then just adjust your static actor to match camera, if you are using FPS template). That creates disconnect and weird feeling.

Let’s say I have a secret weapon for the immersion feeling :wink:

Actualy im with Enter Reality on this… Nothing ive tested so far turnes you off More than looking down and realize you dont have a body. So for example in the fps template i basicly just replaced the arms with the full body model…

You’ve seen mitchemmc VR stuff ya?

also not sure if this helps at all but setting world to meters at 200 instead of 100 sorts out my GearVR character scale problem… Working off a 6 foot player 1:1 scale.

Nice! thanks for the advice, I will definitively take a look at the template since there are a lot of features already available :slight_smile: