Attach cables to Actors incrementally

There is a large actor with circularily distributed 8 components. Also, 8 surrounding actors in the distance that should get one cable each. I want to use something incremental and not script manually for each one.
Spawning them for each emitter works:

The current problem is that they’re all connecting to one external station.

I tried to Get a Copy from the Loop and do something with the index and place them incrementally into an array, but i have no clue how to get them UNIQUELY from 1-8 spawned in the world.

The “Attach End To” node has only one object plug, so what kind of integer? I would first copy and paste one external receiver parallel to the #1 emitter and then copy& paste around it to increase them.

Oh shoot, just had a reverse idea → To spawn a cable from the external actors and place them parallel to the emitters… Logick…