Attach breakable wall to "moving" static mesh?


So I’ve been working on this for a while with no luck. Here’s my dilemma: I have a blueprint called Platforms_BP. Inside of Platforms_BP I’m adding to it’s location by a certain amount each time TIME ticks. So the Platform meshes are now being animated right to left.

I also added a destructible wall into the Platform_BP blueprint as a child of the platform (so it follows movement of platform). The problem is when I enable the “Simulate Physics” on the destructible wall, the wall doesn’t follow the Platform mesh. I looked around to try and find a solution, the only thing I came across was using a physics constraint. Although, when I added a physics constraint into the Platform_BP and tried to constrain the wall and the platform it still wasn’t working.

Am I approaching this the right way, just using the physics constraint wrong? Should I make the destructible wall its own separate blueprint and then have it just follow the Platform_BP instead of combining them? Any direction would help greatly. Thanks!