Attach Actor to Actor for 2D Sprites

I’m creating a game using Paper2D and am using sprites. I currently have a moving platform, and I want to be able to have a block placed on this moving platform and have the block move with the platform (so that the platform is essentially carrying the block). In 3D, “Attach Actor to Actor” seems to do the job perfectly. But for 2D with my sprites, I can’t seem to get the “Attach Actor to Actor” function to properly work.

I use “OnComponentBeginOverlap” for the moving platform, and then use “Attach Actor to Actor” where the “Other Actor” pin from “OnComponentBeginOverlap” connects to “Target” and a self reference connects to “In Parent.” Attach location type is set to Keep World Position. When these objects overlap, the sprites just pass through one another with nothing occurring. When running the game and watching the blueprint simulate, the nodes are shown to be running, yet the block does not move.

Am I using “Attach Actor to Actor” wrong and is there another way to do this same task? Thanks for any help and information.