Attach a socket to another socket

Say I have several sticks of different lengths. What they have in common is that one end is pointy and the other is round. When I hold a stick with my left hand, it needs to be on the side. When I hold it with my robot right hand, it needs to be on the pointy side.

This means that a stick has two sockets, and my hands need a socket each. I can’t position a stick in a modelling program since it’s a two-ended stick, and I can’t position my hand-sockets in Persona because I have sticks of different lengths.

The ideal solution would be to just allow attachment between two sockets. Is this possible? If not, what would be a workaround?

You could get the location of the socket and on attach make sure that this socket is in the exact location of the hand socket. So basically you know that when it is in your left hand you’ll want to attach it and then position it and then rotate it.

Give this method a try and see if it works for you. If not let me know and we’ll figure something out. :smiley:

Thanks, this makes sense but I can’t seem to set the transforms of sockets. All I can do is get their transforms. Am I missing something?

did you ever figure this out… im having a similar issue with a bow that has a cord that needs to use both left and right hand…