Atmospheric Fog for my Masters Thesis

Hi everyone

I am working on my masters thesis in the field of real time rendering and my topic is the sky on Mars. For that I need to construct a detailed model of the Mars sky.
The atmospheric fog in the unreal engine is sort of what I’m looking for, but I need to be able to adjust certain parameters not accessible via the editor and/or blueprint.

For one I need to be able to control the position of the sun disk.
And I need to be able to adjust the color curve based on the atmospheric parameters found on mars.

And last but not least some sort of documentation (not the official one) would be very helpful so that I can use it as a source in my written Thesis.

I would appreciate any help in getting me get started. For example whether it’s necessary to rewrite the source code and if so where the atmospheric fog can be found. Whom I can ask for help, any documentation etc.

The idea of the masters thesis is not to make any original research or develop new algorithms but rather to figure out, whether the unreal engine already has what it takes to implement an accurate model. And if not, what needs to be adjusted in what way.

Thanks for any hints in advance

Just modify atmospheric fog shader directly.