Async Task Download Image is not working on Mac platform

Dear Unreal Engine development team,

I made a application for windows which is running fine. This app is supposed to run on mac platform too.
This in mind I was using the standart Blueprints functions from Unreal Engine Editor only.
When I was running this app on Mac, after compiling worked fine, I found out that apparently
the blueprint node “Async Task Download Image” is not working on the Mac platform.
It is not loading from URL and is thus not giving output on success or fail so I think the function itself
is not working on the OSX operating system.

I checked of course if the URL is right I use and I am sure it is right.
Anyway if there is no URL at all there should be at least a output on fail which is not.

Is this correct or am I missing something.

It is very important that this app is running on Mac platform too so please give me some feedback about if
there is a fix for this issue.

Best regards and thanks again, Stefan