Asus ROG GL552 laptop

Hi guys,
I was thinking of purchasing the Asus ROG GL 552 for game development using Unreal Engine and wondered if I could get an expert opinion on whether this laptop would be a good choice.Also can anybody tell me if Unreal engine 4 is compatible with windows 10.I enclose the link below.

Many thanks,Chris.

Yes, UE4 would run on that laptop.
Yes, UE4 runs under Windows 10 just fine.
Concern I’d have about this machine was its relatively small SSD (128GB) & slower HDD speed (5400RPM with one of its options at 7200RPM).
Unless you truly have your heart set on a laptop, you could probably put together a much better desktop system for the same price.

Its a decent laptop, i’m thinking of getting one or a differnent alternative if i can’t get a workstation laptop.


Just to give you fair warning, some developers on here 1 2 3 have had mixed experiences.
Generally the problem arises when something goes wrong, Asus just don’t want to know…
MSI are better but read in-depth user reviews especially from large retailers (Amazon etc).

Yeah, my experience with Asus has been pretty bad; I got a motherboard from them that was faulty (the model itself was faulty, rather than the individual board - there was no working BIOS for it).

This is when I discovered they had no customer support. Not just bad customer support, but they genuinely didn’t have customer support at all. I probably talked about my experience in one of those threads, but after that experience I’ve never touched an Asus product again.