Assigning scene asset materials to content browser assets


I have a level (SCENE A) where I need to migrate assets to another project (SCENE B).

In the course of the development of SCENE A, a lot of assets that have been brought into the level have had their materials changed in the level itself.

This means that the assets in the content browser still have the original materials assigned to them… So, if I was to bring another of those objects into the level from the content browser, it’d come in with the original assets. If I was to migrate the object, it’d migrate with the old (incorrect) materials.

Now, I want to bring the assets in the SCENE A level into SCENE B, while keeping the materials that have been given to them in the level.

Is there a way to telling unreal to assign the material from an asset in the level to the asset it’s referencing in the content browser?

I was just thinking : A way around this is to copy all of the folders in the content browser of SCENE A to the SCENE B content folder. This will bring all materials, textures etc etc to SCENE B.

Then, I can copy/paste the assets in the level of SCENE A and they’d come in with the correct materials assigned to them.

However, there are a HUGE amount of content in SCENE A that isn’t needed so I’d be copying GB’s of data I don’t need. Which defeats the purpose of migrating.

Any help would be great.


Hi. Any tips about this would be good.