assigning animation to custom character

I downloaded a spider asset from unreal engine marketplace ( I want to export the spider in maya and modify the spider mesh (for example modify it into different spider) and then bring that model back in unreal and assign the rig and animation. Is it possible?? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Yes it’s possible. Export it, modify it, import it, when importing select the old skeleton as the skeleton, don’t make a new one. When modifying in Maya, leave the skeleton alone so it will still match the original. You can do to the model whatever you like, you can also re-skin it… etc. The important part is keeping the skeleton untouched.

Hey thanks for the reply. I dont know why while importing back in unreal it wasnt working as expected. I will give it a try again and will let you know if it works. The idea is to take the mesh in Maya and then modify it a bit and then take it to Zbrush and add details and then bring it back to Maya again and then to Unreal. When exporting from Maya do I have to export the whole group (mesh and skeleton) or just exporting the mesh would work?? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Obihb, its working now…I took the model to Zbrush and made minor changes and brought it back to Maya and then used bind skin to bind the mesh to the skeleton and then used paint skin weight for skinning and then exported the whole group as FBX and imported it in Unreal. Then I assigned the old skeleton and the animations of the original spider are now working with the new spider model. Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:


Cool, sorry for not replying, glad you got it working… :slight_smile: