Assign material by clicking on widget button and then actor

Hello and thanks in advanced.

Currently, I’m attempting to allow the player to assign actors a material by clicking on a color palette button (Blueprint Widget Button) and then on the actor itself. The idea is that after clicking on say the Red button, the RedMaterial would be stored and could then be assigned to any actor the player clicks on. Then the player could click on another colored button and do the same thing including recoloring an actor they already assigned a material to.

So far, I’ve create the Blueprint widget with three buttons (one red, one blue, and one green) and three materials (also red, blue, and green). I’m using the puzzle game template and so already have the functionality to change the color to predetermined materials, but not the functionality to change what the color will be by clicking on one of the “color palette buttons”.

Does anyone have any advice to share? Thanks again!