Assign actor or component by reference in Blueprints

I have an EnemySpawner Blueprint Class that does:

EnemySpawner has a Spline Component named “Path” which the Spawned Enemy must follow. For it, Enemy’s Blueprint has another Spline Component named “Enemy Path” that must be initialised by the Enemy Spawner at the moment of the creation, as does in the screenshot above.

But, in my Enemy, if I try to access to “EnemyPath”, I get the following error:

> Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property
> PathActor from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_Enemy’ from node:
> DestroyActor in graph: EventGraph in object: Enemy with description:
> Accessed None trying to read property PathActor

So, in other words, Null Pointer Exception.

If, for example, in the Enemy’s Blueprint I do (with testing purposes):

The Actor Owner of the Spline Component isn’t destroyed.

Even if I try to assign all the Owner actor, not only the Spline Component, it doesn’t work either.

I’ve also tried to print something in screen after the “SpawnActor Enemy” node of EnemySpawner and in the “Event BeginPlay” node of Enemy, and I’ve checked that obviously the print in EnemySpawner happens first, so the only problem is that the variable isn’t really assigned.

The last thing I’ve tried is to destroy the Spline’s Owner right after the “Set” node, directly in EnemySpawner blueprint, by getting it from the Spawned enemy, and to my surprise, it’s destroyed!

So, some idea about what’s the properly way of doing this?