Assets usage - Question for Epic/UE Staff

I have a quick question for you guys (Unreal Engine/Epic Staff):

In your community examples (ie environmental demo, shooter game, etc), are we (the community) free to use assets (ie scripts, soundFX/audio, prefabs* etc) from it in our own projects? If there are any restrictions etc (assuming you are allowed) could you please link them here?

Thank you!


*Sorry but i forget the UE4 term for them and have to default to unity talk/terminology for that one (just installed UE4 last night and am downloading examples now as well as trying to get used to it.

you are allowed to use the epic content in your projects(both commercial and non-commercial). the only restriction I can think of is that you are not allowed to use epic’s content in asset packs for the marketplace, I’ll see if I can find some links in a bit:)

Okay, thank you! :slight_smile: Could you build a full game out of a level (ie add more etc) and (giving credit) publish as your own or is that pushing it? What if you totally changed the way it is played (added/removed areas etc) etc?

I have nothing in mind really at the moment but I want to know for future reference. I am too new to UE4 to know what is happening long term at the moment.

well if you look at this thread you’ll read about the accidental runner game which is basically just loads of epics assets thrown together renamed and sold, and he was allowed to do it, if you scroll down in the thread I linked you’ll see an official epic response as well.

so basically yes you could build a full game using them.

Thank you for this. The trailer literally made me laugh. If I made a game THAT bad (or kinda so bad its funny) I think I would make it free. Then at least people couldn’t really complain too much. :smiley:

Thank you for the clarification. I might consider doing that (but I would do my damnedest to do it better than Accidental Runner. I might just use assets though. I honestly don’t have a clue at this point. I am just downloading the free assets and AutoDesk Ultimate Suite (have free student license) right now. Next ste after that is play the demo games etc and see where to go from there.

I do have one question though, was that game made with exclusively free assets?

I’m pretty sure its all epic content, although I cant be 100% on that.

Just a question, why would you want to make a game using all someone elses stuff? then its not like you made the game and if you sell it then it is kind of cash grabbing. as I said I am only asking.

It was more a hypothetical scenario than anything. It would mainly be because I am a programmer more than an artist (not good at drawing/modeling) and, being a full time student, cannot afford to hire anyone for any assets. That would most likely change come a few years. It would be for my own amusement/enjoyment most likely and NOT sold.

Ahh Yeah I was just asking bro curious about it. I understand what you mean now I thought you ment take something like the shooter game add a couple assets and sell it lol I also am a programmer so I know its crazy hard to do the art side. I buy a ton fo things off the markeplace. but as I said I was just curious

Fair enough. I understand where you are coming from. I just have literally 0 art skills but a knack for programming. Downside is that I am used to unity C# and JS, not C++ let alone UE4 C++. Never used any form of C++ in my life LOL. That is one reason why I wish UE4 was coded in (or at least compatible with) C# haha. I will try and learn C++ and give it a shot but it is a pain. Visual Scripting/blueprints are also slightly confusing (ie cant seem to create new one or open editor) but will look further into it later.

The main problem with the art and game development is that I seem unable to produce any high-quality art myself, although i do tend to make it work exactly as I wanted it (just the image isn’t high quality). Because of that free asset packs are what I live off of LOL.
What sort of assets have you purchased?

I purchase everything bro because I am just like you lol I cant make any art look good at all. no matter how much i try it comes out meh looking. the market place has amazin stuff on it though some really talented artists and programmers …theres things on the engine that still confuses me daily though lol

Ah haha. Any examples of what you have bought (ie weapon models etc)? What sort of games do you work on?

Totally understand the Q. I asked the same thing not too long ago.

Really? At least people understand it (if not at first, shortly after) :smiley: Makes me feel like it wasn’t totally pointless ;D

Nope. It was not. Most of us small studios can’t afford to get everything custom made. So if we can reuse some of the content such as scripts, sounds some meshes it would help us allot. Its a good post dude.

I am glad that I hopefully helped at least some people out :wink: I hear ya. I certainly can’t either. :slight_smile: still trying to figure out how to open blueprints LOL

haha…I know right. It can be intimidating at first and at the second try…but you know what. We have great support here on the forum. Everyone learns different and for me I had to make a plan. I started with what I enjoy the most and that is testures…

I just wish there was an easier way to learn blueprints. I wonder is there is a list of what all commands do.

I am not sure, that is probably something to ask a developer or moderator haha. I am not home at the moment (at school) but I will check it tonight if I get the chance. Is there a way to, once you have created a blueprint, view the code behind it to help me figure out C++ seeing as I have never dealt with it in my life, C# is only C language I somewhat know (won’t pretend to be an expert LOL :D)

Nice!!! You are in the same boat as me then. I am an all round type of person not an expert in any areas but quite good in all areas. I can do 3D, program abit, audio, level design and so on. Email me here so we can keep in touch. I am curious to see what project you have planned. email:

Is there a way to view the code of a blueprint (is is the code visible and at least somewhat like what someone would hand code) so that I can become somewhat familiar with C++?

I guess we are haha. Main thing I have extreme difficulty with is art LOL. I can program (had semi formal training in core concepts and went from there). I know HTML the best, CSS, self teaching myself PHP now, have a good handle on Java, and somewhat of C#. You will be able to tack C++ onto that list eventually. Of specific “programming” languages I know Java the best. The sad thing is that I have started to compare this to Java haha. It is the main language I work in at the moment.

I will send you an email now.

EDIT: I sent you an email :slight_smile: