Assets adding up in World Outliner at runtime

I have followed the Endless runner tut and it works great.
But at runtime I see assets adding up in the World outliner even though they are being deleted properly in the game view.
Is this the way it should be and those assets are not actually left in the game with an eventual overload crash?

Any advice and light on this much appreciated.

Don’t worry, thats pretty much as expected. Once the garbage collector kicks in you should see some of the numbers going down eventually too. Essentially as you delete objects, they are marked as dead, but not removed until the GC decides to clean them up. You can manually force it to do that, but that might make the framerate go down temporarily. So I’d not worry about it unless you see it ALWAYS going up and never down.

Thank you Zoombapup! I’ll stop worrying about it then. :slight_smile: