Asset Reference bug with non-english names

My project is a game about ancient China. For the sake of convenience, I used a lot of Chinese-named materials and pictures(It is not easy to translate those ancient Chinese names to English). An engine version update(4.25.3 to 4.25.4) caused all my original textures stored in Datatable to be lost(Actually, I imported them from json and all of my texture2d refereces lost). I created a new project , After testing, it is found that any texture containing Chinese characters cannot be used any more.
This problem can be reproduced by the following methods:

  1. Create a brand new project, and create a Struct named TestStruct, in TestStruct, add a Variable named TestTexture, and set its type to Texture2D (ObjectReference).
  2. Import any image and rename the imported asset to “你好.uasset” in the Explorer.
  3. Create a DataTable, select TestStruct as the data type, add a row, and set the “你好.uasset” as the value of TestTexture.

You can’t use any object references containing any non-english characters in datatable know, I tested Japanese an Korean as well, I can’t use them either.
Please fix this, I have a great amount of work now, so many assets I have to rename to English :frowning:

This bug got fixed now, so I will mark this to resolved.