Asset creatioon toolkit - comments/suggestions

Hi guys

I am a new user of Unreal Engine having downloaded it and played around with it for a few months with a view to creating interactive Architectural Vis experiences, something half way between Archviz and walking simulator games. I was very impressed with the EpicZenGarden demo which has the feel I am striving for. My background is architectural using AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD, 3dMax and Revit. I would like to be able to deliver something closer to the EpicZenGarden demo than typical linear video walkthroughs (which make me feel seasick) and the realtime render engines such as Enscape which lack the sensory stimulation of ambient sounds, particle effects and interactions with objects.

Also worth a mention is that my 8 year old son Eddie is autistic and has devoured Garys Mod, Source Engine SDK and all things Valve (seriously he spends all of his spare time in Hammer Editor creating insane scenarios) and I hope to steer him towards Unreal Engine over the next couple of years so game creation will always be on the agenda.

I have done a lot of research into the best pipeline tools for us in terms of price, performance and UFF (user fun factor) and have come up with the following tool set.

Unreal - (of course)

Modo Indie Subscription - Static Meshes, Skeletal Meshes, Skeletal Animation (I could stretch to full if any of Indie’s restrictions are likely to prove problematic)

Nvil - Static Meshes (I just have this feeling that I will be able to model things really fast in Nvil, especially small bits and bobs)

Substance Live - Textures and UV Mapping (this looks like a no-brainer)

Speedtree - For speedy trees :slight_smile:

I’m already on Adobe Creative Cloud so Photoshop and Audition will also be in the pipeline. Also I have Sketchup with tons of plugins which can now export FBX files fairly well if I UV map them properly.

So my question is mainly this; if I go ahead with this set of tools am I going to be able to create all the assets I need in Unreal in a streamlined way with Modo as my main modeller, especially in the area of skeletal meshes and animation. I am afraid Autodesk subscriptions are out of the question as I refuse to deal with that company (Apart from at my workplace).
I do also have Blender installed as an extra toolset but that just doesn’t feel like fun to use which I acknowledge is purely personal preference for visual interfaces.

Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciate, your experience is invaluable.