Asset/Actor Visibility on widget button click

Hey, I’m trying to create a widget that hides items in my level when I click a button, this is because I’m capturing some mocap and setting the viewport to low and hiding assets increases FPS on my mocap, I have managed to set up a widget to lower scene settings but can’t figure out how to hide assets, ideally I’d like to be able to preset the items that seed hiding so they are always stored when I click the button to hide but can also work on selected actors. Any help would be great as I just can’t figure this part out. Thanks

You can put the actors in a level editor layer, and then hide the layer:

Hey thanks for your reply, I’m trying to create this all from one button so I can set the scalability to low, turn off any global illuminations effects, set the play mode to simulate and also hide the actors/assets, and then just click a button to get it all back, I have a lot of back and forth between facial mocap and then viewing results and not having g to click 10 or more times saves me loads of time. So far I have got everything apart from the visibility part, also could do with unlit mode but not sure if that is possible.

have you tried SetLayersVisibility?

Ah nice one thanks for that, got me thinking. I’ve opened up the Metahuman picker widget which has some good example of what I’m trying to do. Just diving down the next rabbit hole in search of making my life easier.