AsnwerHub Improvements

I’m noticing a lot of common feedback on Answerhub posts, usually because the users who post there forget to include certain details. In other bits of bug-tracking software, I’ve always had to enter the platform, version number etc. I figure that rather than constantly replying to peoples posts with questions such as ‘which engine version’, which platform’ etc, it would be better to encourage people to enter that information before they post a bug.

Next to the ‘Which Section’ drop-down dialog, is it possible to add additional dialogs? Such as:

  • Engine Version
  • Launcher / GIT Version
  • Platform (e.g. Windows / Mac / Linux)
  • Steps To Reproduce (Filling this in would add a [Repro Included] tag to the Post

I’m sure there are many other useful categories, but this might help with the organisation and maintenance of Answerhub. Food for thought :smiley:

Good idea. If this info could be attached to our accounts so we could set defaults which were automatically added to posts, that would be ideal.

You can have more then 2 version installed as well it hard to detect if somebody using git, you don’t event need laucher to run it.

Also good to point out most but not all questions are related to engine as also usally quastions are not realted to specific bugs so “Steps To Reproduce” usally will be unused.

Isn’t there official bug tracker in plans? (at least i hear this kind of ideas) That would be best place for bugs, AnwserHub is more for solving problems… and awnsering quastions ofcorse :stuck_out_tongue: