Ascending/Descending with movement input

Hello all,
I have a pretty simple problem (I think) that I’m looking for help solving. Basically I’m trying to create a floating 3rd person player pawn that can ascend/descend while still moving along the forward and right axis based on the movement input.
My current method is a timeline with add input vector or add movement input (both provide smooth transition into ascending/descending). However the problem I have is with the math needed to also apply the current WASD movement inputs while this is occurring, so the pawn will stop all other movement to just go up and down.

I have tried a few different things like using my X and Y values from my movement input as the values for my timeline, then adding 200 to the Z to give me my “lift”, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’m sure this is simple for someone who knows the logic.

Hi man,
basically you can change the direction adding the Z to your basic direction,
Here an answer that seems good How to change character movement from one direction to another? - UE4 AnswerHub