As of UE4.16, physic substep is not fully supported by APEX destruction

Hey everyone~

This is just a reminder for myself and people who are also using physic substepping and APEX destruction system.

UE4.16.3 packaged build with physic substepping turned on will randomly crashes when APEX destruction component is activated in the scene. The occurrence of the crash seems to increase with smaller Max_Substep_Delta_Time.

Here are my substepping settings:

Substepping = true
Max_Substep_Delta_Time = 0.0035
Max_Substep = 3

I open the .dmp file and the last call stack is:


Using the call stack as keyword and google online, I found this post

Although it is a 2014 post, it seems that the issue still persists as of UE4.16.3 (Which came out around 2017)

Not sure if this issue has already been resolved in later versions, hopefully, this post can give people a heads up if you are planning to use physic substep and APEX destruction.