As an AMD user, am I missing out on anything?

Just a heads up, this is not a Vs thread, by any means.

Since Unreal 4 partners with Nvidia and a lot of their technology is locked behind hardware, am I missing out on much as an AMD user? Such as specific PhysX features etc.

I’ve played around with the engine, and everything appears to work flawlessly, including things I expected to be locked behind Nvidia hardware.

I’ve searched around and cannot find anything relating to the subject.

Thanks in advanced.

Well, it matters less than it did. I think only the physics simulation can be done on the nvidia graphics card, which cannot be done on amd. Other than that, particles can get simulated on any gaphics card so it doesn’t matter.

Yea you will only miss out on a few things. Mostly everything is done with CPU and GPU not the extra’s from nvidia.

Not much, but certain things add flavor and usability.

Like Clothing and Destruction.
You can run those on CPU, but they are far more efficient on GPU. For example self-collision cloth on GPU, cost practically nothing.

GPU particles, as I wrote earlier, work on any modern graphics card. I’m using AMD and I have 0 problems.


Incorrect, I’m using an AMD chip and Graphics card with all physics functionality, so I don’t know where you got that info from, (maybe your own opinion perhaps)
It would be helpful to the forums and other users of UE4 if you actually researched your comments before posting them to avoid giving false information and confusing new users. Something that used to really wind me up on the UDK forums :confused:

AMD cards can utilize all native engine features. What they can’t do is compute NVIDIA’s APEX features on the GPU. At this time, only Cloth and Destruction are implemented in the engine.

Some APEX features can be processed on the CPU, but the performance used to be horrendous. I don’t know if multi-threading and SSE has improved it, haven’t seen any benchmarks recently.

We have good relationships with both Nvidia and AMD. We interact with both very regularly. To further lay your concerns to rest, this new generation of consoles has exclusively AMD GPUs in them, so we have a very strong incentive to make features work really well for that architecture.

Overall, we build a very cross platform engine. This requires building good relationships with many hardware and software companies, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, ARM, Qualcom, ImgTec, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Oculus, etc. We rarely work on or even integrate features from partners that only work for a specific hardware unless that hardware is by far dominant in a particular market. This is partly to maintain our own sanity because all code requires maintenance. The more special purpose bits we had the more spread thin we would get.

PS. GPU particles work on all DX11 GPUs. It might even work on DX10 but I’d have to check.

You can’t imagine how glad I’m, that you guys decided to integrate and maintain APEX Clothing.

Thanks for all the replies. It really is great to hear. It’s definitely made me feel a lot more at ease.

You missunderstood what i said, or I spelled it wrong. I meant, that the thing that can be accelerated by nvidia, but can’t be accelerated by amd is physics, or most of it. Physics ofc works on the cpu normally, it’s jsut slower. I’m too using an amd card without any problems.