ART Toolkit Ported to OSX

I’ve posted this in the ART thread stickied to the top, but I’m reposting this just once so that people who don’t normally check the ART thread will know.
Spoke with Epic legal briefly and I’m not allowed to post the code in a public repository on Github, but I am allowed to post it as part of the Epic UE4 Network. There’s a chance it will be included in future versions.
For now, this is a description of how to get the code.

So with that, it is now on MY branch of the Github network fork of the Epic Games Repository - it’s hidden until you do the following steps.
For the people who don’t know how to get to the source code:

  1. Create a github account. It’s free.

  2. Go to, click the blue Get Unreal in the top right corner.

  3. Click the linking your github account link.

  4. Follow the instructions.

  5. Then go to here: (You have to have gained access first via Epic approval - I think it’s very fast)

  6. Then follow this folder structure: Engine > Extras > Maya_AnimationRiggingTools > ArtToolsOSX

  7. That will take you to another folder, then on the right side click Download ZIP.

  8. Install like normal for Windows.

    /Users/youraccount/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/your maya version/scripts
    Place the file in there. Then launch Maya and in the window that pops up, point it to the location of your MayaTools folder. Make sure to select the folder called MayaTools.
    After that, you should be good to go.
    If you currently have a folder in there and are unaware of what you’re doing, download the free Sublime Text Editor and open the existing file as well as the new one and copy the contents of the new file into the bottom of the existing.

If you read the readme, you’ll see the 3 issues: 1) I can’t show the background images and the buttons simulataneously 2) I haven’t tested Perforce 3) Selection Image flag(On/off images for buttons - it’s Windows only). Also, student versions of Maya had a little bit of trouble, but when I worked on my work MacBook, I had no trouble at all.

If anyone needs help getting it installed on OS X, shoot me a message, it will send me an e-mail. I work 9-5 PST, so I’ll usually answer after or before that.
And here’s a video showing it up and running: Unreal Engine Animation Rigging Toolkit OS X on Vimeo


THAT…IS…AWESOME. I know you already got some responses on the Toolkit thread, but I wanted to reach out and thank you as well. This kind of thing is why I love this community.


Thanks! Happy to do it :slight_smile:

Hello Alex,
I’ve been trying to figure out how to install this for a few days now on OSX. I don’t have this folder structure for my Maya 2013 on mac OSX
/Users/youraccount/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/your maya version/scripts
There is a library folder at root for Autodesk but no Maya2013 folder in it. I’ve tried to put in various script folders such as MacintoshHD/maya2013/devkit/devit/pythonsScripts and
MacintoshHD/maya2013/devkit/devit/other/PyQtScripts but that doesn’t do anything.
Any suggestions please?

Okay never mind about the scripts folder, I was able to find one that worked, Just so everyone knows I has to rename the mayatools folder to MayaTools in order to get it to work.

Not to pollute this thread, but after I got Maya to find and locate the MayaTools Folder the Epic Games menu came up but when I try to create a character I get the following error

Error: ImportError: No module named PySide