Arrow Ammo Reload not working Right

Hi, so my big issue is that when my character hits a cube it should add more ammo that can be shot. It add the number to the UI, but the reloaded ammo cannot be shot. Basically, Normal_Arrows is set to 5, and after shooting 5 arrows you cannot shoot anymore even after hitting a cube for more ammo.
Needed_Ammo = 0

in FirstPersonCharacter BP:

In NormalArrow_Pickup BP for cube:

I tried making a bool for if NormalArrow_Pickup is hit but I don’t think I did it right, so I removed that code. Would I do a cast to NormalArrow_Pickup? I imagine the problem is the InputAction Fire, but I don’t know how to fix it without it going back to infinite ammo. The UI does show 50 arrows being added; however, they just don’t shoot. If more images are needed, please let me know.

Here’s also how the arrows are spawned if that helps at all: