Array of PlayerControllers in a Squad?


I am trying to do something really simple, just cant figure out how to go about it…
In an online Lobby, my game is devided into 2 teams, which is then devided into 6 squads with 4 payers each…

I have created a Widget Menu with one button for each player. Widget Layout kinda like this;
Squad 1 Squad 2

Player 1 Player1
Player 2 Player2
Player 3 Player3
Player 4 Player4

If I click on the Squad 2, Player 1 I want my PlayerController to be assigned to a specific place in Structure of PlayerControllers in my GameState…

Cant think of a good way to go about this without hard-coding each individual button to an individual Custom Event to send the information to the GameState. But that would mean 48 Custom Events, so I am sure theres a better wat to do it?